Easy Sheer Curtains

You will need a lace fill pattern.  I’m using one from Fluttrby Designs.  Here is the ZIP FILE if you don’t have your own. Be sure to read her Terms before you use it.

Start with a new image:

and settings of

Add a new raster layer

Set your Materials palette to

Select the Rectangle tool and draw out a rectangle.

It should look like this:

Select the Burn tool with the following settings:

and begin adding streaks from top to bottom. Repeat until you have several dark lines.

Select the Dodge tool with the following settings:

and begin adding streaks from top to bottom. Repeat until you have several light lines.Add a single click here and there to make the appearance of some light coming through.

Now it should look like this:

Select the Deform tool and push the middle node on the right to the left to compress the panel.

Select the Duplicate layer tool and with the Deform tool still on, move the second layer to the right.

Merge those two layers. (I do the duplication step so I don’t have to do so many dodge/burn steps.)

Using the Deform tool move the layer over to compress a little bit. Now your image should look like this:

Turn down the opacity

Now we’ll make the ruffles at the top of the curtain.

Select the Warp brush with the following settings:

Begin pushing and pulling the top of the drape until you are happy with the appearance.

Now for the rod pocket. This isn’t really an essential step, as your curtain rod will probably obscure it, but it you want to add the step use your Dodge tool to create a light horizontal line at the top. Keep it light, you don’t want to kill all the dark vertical streaks or your rod pocket won’t look gathered. Now with the Burn tool, draw a small line above and below the dodged line you just added.

Now add a new raster layer and we’ll add the lace at the bottom. I duplicated mine and merged for a wider strip of lace. I then used the deform tool to resize it to the width of my panel.

With the burn tool, I added some light vertical streaks to the lace to give the appearance of some gathering. I also used the Warp brush at the top of the lace strip and gently pushed and pulled a little so that it had that gathered appearance. Merge the two layers.

Now you’re done!

You can now save as a tube and colorize it whenever you use it.

Have fun!

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