Gunner Blue and Patty Kate Lytle

Gunner and Patty moved in with us on September 5, 2010. We had just lost our beloved Katie in July. We knew we wanted two dogs, we just didn’t expect them to come on the same day!

Gunner came to us from Last Hope Animal Rescue in our town. We didn’t expect the adoption process to take as long as it did and we thought that meant we probably weren’t going to get him. I began looking on-line for another dog to adopt.

I saw Patty’s picture and said, “She’s the one!” I contacted her rescue agency, Cedar Falls Animal Rescue and put in an on-line application. We were notified within the hour that we had been approved. We had to wait until she was 8 weeks old to pick her up (she was only 5 weeks old at this point).

The day before we were to make the 100 mile drive to get her, Last Hope called and said we had been approved for Gunner. Would we like him tomorrow? I couldn’t say no, I was overjoyed.

But two new dogs on the same day? One a puppy and one a senior? Almost 2-1/2 years later, we’re still learning new things about two-dog families. But what great dogs they turned out to be. We are blessed with them!

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