Easy Home Projects

First of all, you should have a basic knowledge of sewing and crafting techniques. Some projects are not strictly step-by-step, but rather how you can make things from materials you may already have and an idea of just how cheaply you can get by.

Why should we be cheap?
If you have an unlimited supply of money, you could save yourself the time and trouble and just go buy a designer piece at an upscale shop. But then you wouldn’t have anything to show to your friends and you wouldn’t be able to say, “Look what I made with my own hands and you wouldn’t believe how cheap it was!”

Now, with the money you’ve saved, open a savings account. Did you know that you can squeeze a penny and turn it into a nickel? Yes, it’s true and yes, it works!

Planning your Project:
Set a budget. The lower the better! Shop the bargain bins, yard sales and thrift stores. Look through your own closets for suitable fabrics. Don’t forget to look in your old linens and beddings!

Assemble your materials before you begin. You may not use everything but you’ll know what you have and what you need to buy.

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