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November 29th, 2012
Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake

One of the “Any Ol’ Time” challenges being offered at the PSP Art Studio is to create a party image. I chose Christmas Eve.

When I was a child, my family would attend Christmas Eve services at our church. Then we would come back home and have some wonderful dessert that my mother made. Then we would prepare and set out Santa’s snack and scamper off to bed to await his arrival. It would have seemed reasonable to cut a slice for Santa, right? Instead, our mother would have us set out a tin of Kipper Snacks and a huge glass of milk. She would assure us that Santa was really going to enjoy it. We always thought that was odd, as all of our friends set out cookies or cake with the milk.

But when we woke up and came running down the stairs to see what Santa brought us, the first thing we noticed, even before the presents, was the empty sardine tin and milk glass. About the same time that we were beginning to think that maybe Santa wasn’t real, we became aware that our dad loved Kipper Snacks with milk and ate that regularly. Hmmmm….

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