After Sixteen Years…

September 1st, 2012

…a slightly different, yet oh so much fresher, look!

I hated the ceiling fixture almost from the day I bought it, but it was very expensive so I had to bite the bullet and live with it. The curtains: What the hell was I thinking? I know that you can mix patterns as long as the scale of the print is about the same size. So why did I do it this way? I don’t know.

Old, dark icky look

Old, dark icky look

Bright, fresh clean!

Bright, fresh clean!

Another after view

Another after view

So I got on line and ordered the curtains from Country Curtains. Then I got on line and ordered the vintage reproduction schoolhouse shades and sockets from Rejuvenation.

Talk about fabulous customer service from both places. First of all the ordering couldn’t have gone smoother because their websites are user-friendly and their phone numbers are highly visible. I got stuck a little on both (only because I couldn’t decide on some points and wasn’t sure about measuring) and got the answers from live people, no robots!

Okay, these things can happen. I noticed that after I hung the new curtains over the kicthen sink one was about 2 inches longer than the other. One phone call to Country Curtains and they said, “Keep the defective ones up until you receive a new pair. When you receive your new curtains send them back to us and we’ll credit the shipping to your card. Our people will hand-pick a pair and measure them to make sure they match perfectly before we send them out.”

After the ceiling shades were hung and illuminated one looked like it had dust in it. I took it down and swiped my hand in it to see how dirty is was. It wasn’t dust, it was overspray or something. I inspected the other one and found it to be smooth and glossy inside. The phone call to Rejuvenation: We’re sending you a UPS call tag to your email address. Box it up and send it back to us at our expense. But keep it up until your replacement comes. We’re shipping you a new one today and we will inspect it before we send it out.”

Can you beat this? I don’t think so. Hope you send them your future business for all your curtain and lighting needs. You won’t regret it!

Oh, and do I love the bright, fresh look? Heck yeah!!

One Response to “After Sixteen Years…”

  1. Donna says:

    Just love the new look! Isn’t it amazing what new curtains and light fixtures will do for a room?!?!? Glad you “picked” the right companies to order from.

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