Special Delivery!

May 26th, 2012

A special delivery came today. What could it be?

Special Delivery

Special Delivery

The new bistro set is here! Our other chairs and table were about 10 years old. We were having trouble finding good replacement cushions, but the big problem was the chairs were at railing height. It doesn’t sound like a big problem but if you wanted to see something in the street or yard, you either had to stand up or scootch down and look through the balusters. And a huge problem: I couldn’t see the birds at the feeders!

So we decided on a balcony-height set. It will take some getting used to, because of all the drawbacks of the old set there was one plus: We felt kind of hidden on the front porch. Now we’re kind of “on display” at this height. Oh well, it’s pretty, clean-looking, and opens up the porch.

I also painted the porch floor a couple of weeks ago. It used to be (was supposed to be!) terra cotta but turned out to be a very pink salmon. I can’t believe that we lived with that color for years. Now it’s a soft sage.

It’s a lovely litle spot to watch the bird feeders again….

New Bistro Set

New Bistro Set

One Response to “Special Delivery!”

  1. Donna says:

    Perfect! But, I swear everything about your place is just right. Love the color of the porch too.

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