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Special Issue, October, 2004

2004 Minutes

December, 2004

US Naval Institute publication for sale
Thank You Association Members
Hello People of USS Euryale
A Son's Love
Thank you to Nimitz Museum
Euryale Plaque Dedicaton at Nimitz Museum, October 20, 2004
Nimitz Acknowledgement of Donation
Do you recognize this?

March, 2005

Do you recognize this? (2nd request)
Seeking Information on Members
Treasurer's Closing Report
Donation to US Navy Submarine Force Museum
Letter to Nimitz Foundation
Honoring Member Anthony "Tony" Giammalvo
Did the Japs Win? By Evelyn W. Guthrie, wife of Capt. Guthrie

June, 2005

The Website and the Gorgon Need Your Help
Submarines Have Homes
A Pillow for the Feathers
The Concensus is In....
A Season of Hurricanes
Jap Sub Recovered
A Tribute to Those Who Serve
Documents from Lt. Burke's Daughter, Trina
Submarine Publications
A Card from our Bugler
Subs Down Under Synopsis
2005 Memorial Day Wreath-Laying Ceremony
Association Donation to Submarine Force Library & Museum
Heirs of War

September, 2005

"My Prostate Has Cancer"--publication by Warren Kurtze
"A Letter Home, 13 August 1945"--Stan (Levine) Lewin
Hey Sampson Boots!--Tom Solosky
How many members does it take to make a reunion?--Bob & Carolyn Culp
Our Memorial Day Ceremony--Sheri Lytle

December, 2005

Why I Joined the Navy--Bill Bradfield
New England Reunion--Alex and Betty Gondola
Correction to the Minutes of October, 2004--Oz Ostapeck
Another Jap Sub Located--Oz Ostapeck

March, 2006

Why I Joined the Navy--Powell Black
Ship's Art
Christmas at Arlington--George Herold
The Blue Beetle as a Comic Book?
That Famous Picture
Amazing!--Powell Black
A Glimpse into Ship's Life--Frank H. Stephan

June, 2006

Navy Memorial & WWII Memorial Visit--Bill Bradfield
Pearl Harbor Revisited--Bill Bradfield & Tom Solosky
Happy Birthday Navy Reserves--Powell Black
The Navy Reserve Today--Powell Black
The Old Sailor's Poem--George Herold
Ionizing Radiation Registry Exam--Henry White
USS New York--George Herold

September, 2006

Past Reunion Photos--Alex & Betty Gondola
Two Happy Warriors--Powell Black
The Gorgon is Looking For--Sheri Lytle

December, 2006

The Lady--Submitted by Alex and Betty Gondola
Another Shipmate Heard From--Submitted by Powell Black
A Letter from Captain Gurley--Submitted by Walt Tiedemann
A Rifle For The Road--Submitted by Bill Bradfield
See A Familiar Face?--Submitted by Janet Gilbert
Attention ComSub Division 131 Crew--Submitted by Henry White

March, 2007

The House--Submitted by Powell Black
Old Troop Arrival Notice--Submitted by Tom Solosky
Retirement--Submitted by Powell Black

June, 2007

Reservists Do It Again!--Submitted by Powell Black
Chief of Naval Operations Speaks--Submitted by Powell Black
Coming Home--Submitted by Bill Bradfield
The Rest of the Journey Home--Submitted by Bill Bradfield
Euryale Considered Japanese Occupation Participant--Submitted by Henry White
Reprint from the Naval Reserve Association Magazine--Submitted by Powell Black
A June Wedding is Planned--Submitted by Sheri Lytle
Omaha Beach Revisted--Submitted by Bill Bradfield
Pier 92--Submitted by Dick Millington
A Tour of Sampson and Winter Visitors--Submitted by Alex & Betty Gondola

September, 2007

Submarine Commander Remembered--Submitted by Powell Black

December, 2007

USS Growler--by Powell Black
A Sailor's Prayer--by Alex Gondola
The Lingo of WWII--by Betty Gondola
Sailor in Famous Photo Identified--by Betty Gondola
Our Travels to Portugal--by Bill and Jeanne Bradfield

March, 2008

Honoring the Four Chaplains by Rees Lloyd--by Powell Black
Before You Go--by Warren Kurtze
Army-Navy Game--The Rest of the Story --by Bill Bradfield
Home and Mother--by Betty Gondola
The Pin-Ups--by Betty Gondola

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