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A Word About Perspective

January 27th, 2015 Filed under Paint Shop Pro Creations Leave A Comment

“Ugh!” I know how to make objects, for the most part, looking straight on. And I remember from past art classes about that “vanishing point” when placing objects at angles. Trying to implement that principle is excruciating. So, I try a little of that and I also try to trust my eye. I purposely made the room off-center, not to make it more challenging, but to make it a little more interesting, I think…. But what I’ve discovered is, my left brain (analytical) is fighting with my right brain (artistic) and I end up with this:



I made all the elements in the room with Paintshop Pro vX and my mouse. Why Korean? Well, because of my new passion: Korean tv and movies. And, unlike western productions, these people care about details, and, dammit, they can act! There’s cheese and corn in some of them, but they do it on purpose and I’ve come to appreciate that.

Hollywood only knows how to grind out the same old stale crap and expect us to accept it because that’s all there is…. Well, not anymore. If you have a Samsung smart tv or android tablet, go to DramaFever and download the app and start watching for yourself. There’s lots of historical productions as well as current movies and shows but beware, you might just get hooked and never watch American tv again…! And, yes, I do enjoy reading the subtitles!